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Saddle Winners

Saddles awarded to Champion and Reserve Champion in each age group.


Champion: Wayburn Chandler 
Reserve Champion:  Isabell  Thibodeaux 


Champion: Olivia Thibodeaux 
Reserve Champion:  Lane  Thibodeaux


Champion: Lauryn Baldwin
Reserve Champion:  Katherine Moss


Champion: Katie Burgess
Reserve Champion:  Peyton Doyle


Champion: Michal Broussard
Reserve Champion:  Christen Duncan

Saddle Ordering Info:

Contact Laci or Keith at Slone Saddles


Information on the Saddles will be emailed to you. You can call and request the info if you did not give an email.

All upgrades must be paid to Slone

Champions: $1,445 towards saddle (includes matching rough out breast collar)

Reserve Champions: $1,445 towards saddle

All saddles will have DRC, the year, placing and Age group.

Saddles will be awarded at the DRC awards banquet.

Other questions? Email DRC at [email protected] or Text 337-202-9454

3rd - 6th Place Winners

3rd - 6th Place Winners in each age group have an allotted amount of money to choose prizes with.


3rd - 6th Orders due by


3rd - $500.00

4th - $400.00

5th - $300.00

6th - $200.00


Prizes can be chosen from the following vendor price pages or websites:


If having issues with custom tack or iconoclast links, send email to [email protected] and catalogs will be emailed.

Custom Tack Catalog

Deuces Wild Contact Deuces Wild for questions on custom orders and pricing

JDB Rustic

Embrace Victory

Iconoclast boots, Professional choice boots, blankets and stretchees

Horse sheets, blankets and hay bags are also an option at reduced pricing. Contact DRC via email with your price range for options.


All prizes will have "DRC" and the year "2016" where applicable. Make sure "DRC 2016" customization is included in the price.


Fill out the form in the link below and send to [email protected] with the winners name, age group and placing as the subject. Include contact information in the email. Confirmation email will be sent automatically and once total order has been reviewed (may take a few days) a final total order form will be sent for approval.


2 options to order below (fill out and submit form below or fill out and email to [email protected])

3rd - 6th Place Item Order Form (6 items per form submission), unlimited submissions


Cannot go over allotted money.


Other questions? Email DRC at [email protected] or Text 337-202-9454